Fishing the Best Employees from the Pool

The Human Resources guys have a big job on their hands in companies. They are the people who must screen potential candidates for job openings. Before any advertisement is ever placed, there has to be a consensus as to what the job description should be. What...

Making a Wise Move

Owning rental property is a wise investment. Whether it is a single family home, duplex, or large apartment building, investing in real estate can often bring great returns on your money. Often times, though, what the property owners thought was going to bring great...

Renting to the Best

When a person buys rental property, they do so in the hopes that one day they will make money off of that property. Whether it is an apartment building, a house, or a commercial office, the objective is the same. However, there is a science to getting the best renters...

Job Searching Despite Your Criminal Record

(Getty Images/Rubberball) “I have a criminal record, but I need a job…” Human beings are by nature wary of criminals who could put them, their loved ones or their property in danger, and this is all the more true when it comes to finding somebody to work for them....

Tips To Get A Trustworthy Tenant

The best way to find trustworthy and reliable tenants for any rental property is with a tenant screening service. Any landlord, property manager, or owner understands how difficult it can be to get good renters into their property. With a screening service,...

Updating Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Social media has become one of the most popular double-edged swords in today’s world of technology. On the one hand it is a valuable free resource for companies to incorporate in their marketing strategy due to its global impact on a wide range of demographics....

Business and the Social Media Advantage

The internet has forever changed many aspects of our lives. People no longer rely upon the classified ads when they seek employment. Now people simply turn to sites like Craig’s List when they need a job, because the search is so much more efficient. You can also rely...

Bad Job References: How to Deal

In today’s society it is rare for an individual to remain with the same company that they originally started with when they graduated high school or college. In fact, moving up the corporate ladder often involves changing companies so that you can get better positions...

The Honest Way to Give a Job Reference

There will be times that you will receive requests asking for references of former employees. If the referenced employee was a good employee and left on good terms, this will not be a difficult situation for you. However, if the employee was terminated or left on bad...

How to Make Social Media Work for You

Social media is taking more and more prominence in hiring decisions. Why? It seems to be that the twilight of the reference check is here. Too many companies are worried about potential liabilities should they provide more than a start and end-date and even salary....

Validating the Job Reference

How can you judge someone’s character? It is not an easy task but one that employers and other professionals may have to complete as part of their job responsibilities. When an individual applies for employment, the employer will review his qualifications.There will...

Employee Screening During Notice Period

Companies that experience a repetitive high turnover rate for new employees need to examine the hiring process and determine what tools they can put into place to make it more effective. From a financial perspective this problem costs the company money in the time...

Why Do a Social Media Background Check

Most companies advise potential employees that criminal background checks will be done prior to hiring. However, there have been a rash of social media incidents involving employees and the question employers are now asking, If we had paid more attention towards...

Before Signing the Agreement

If you have owned rental property for any length of time, then you know how important it is to get the right tenant. However, getting the right tenant is not always easy. There is a way to make the process easier and it is called tenant credit screening. Through the...

Use Screening Tool for Effective Hiring Decisions

Back in the day, getting a job meant going down to the local business and speaking with the owner who probably knew about your family. Individuals were hired based on personal knowledge or taken at face value but unfortunately that is not the case anymore. Today’s...

The Employer-Employee Social Media Battle

The explosion of social media over the last ten years has caused a serious strain between employers and their employees. Criticisms about the boss or the company that used to take place behind closed doors are now in public social media pages, for all of the world to...

What a Former Employer Can and Cannot Say

Employee job changes create stress for both the employee and his employer. Knowing what a former employer can and cannot say is important for legal reasons and for the position the employee is applying for. It is less distressing when there are guidelines to follow....

Employment Verification and its Requirements

With so many people out of work because of the fragile economy, companies looking to hire the best and the brightest may be lulled into a false sense of security as they think they have a larger pool of applicants to assess potential candidates. Taking a methodical,...

Preparing for a Background Check

Due to the current job market and the availability of employees, managers are more careful than ever when hiring new employees. It has become more common, in the last few years, for even the smallest business to run a background check on prospective employees to...

Do Employee Background Checks Differ from State to State?

Employee background checks absolutely differ from state to state. The reality is that if an employer wants to find out information about an applicant, going on their state website will often give them enough information about the prospective employee. Other means are...

Credit Check Now

As a land lord you do not want to rent your property to just anyone. At times, picking a tenant is a guessing game. However, it no longer has to be a bad guess. It is now possible to obtain an inexpensive credit check for tenants. With a credit check for your...

The Legal Way to Terminate Employment

All employers and human resource professionals should make it their policy to run a background check on prospective employees so they are aware of any potential issues and to protect those who are currently employed. If an employee brings harm to another, the employer...

The Legal Way to Terminate Employment

All employers and human resource professionals should make it their policy to run a background check on prospective employees so they are aware of any potential issues and to protect those who are currently employed. If an employee brings harm to another, the employer...

Employment History

If you are an employer or human services manager, then it is likely that hiring the right employees is a critical part of your job. There is a way to stop problems before they become employees. Employee background check services could be a necessary help to your...

Employment History

If you are an employer or human services manager, then it is likely that hiring the right employees is a critical part of your job. There is a way to stop problems before they become employees. Employee background check services could be a necessary help to your...

When to Reject Prospective Employees Due to Background Checks

The hiring process is pretty standard across a majority of the industries with employers looking to hire individuals that will benefit the organization in a positive way. Once the applicant has successfully made it past the initial submission and interview there is a...

Top Benefits of Employment Background Screening

We live in an age where almost anyone can create an exaggerated online persona. It can be hard to read someone on first meeting, especially if they have an internet presence that makes them seem friendly, responsible and mature. This can be daunting in interviews,...

How Background Screening Amplifies Your Talent Acquisition Efforts

Why Screen Your Applicants? When hiring an employee there are many different factors to take under consideration. A good resume is, of course, a great start as this allows you to narrow down your potential hiring pool into only the most skilled and experienced....

Benefits of Employers From Conducting Employment Screening Programs

What are the benefits to Employers from conducting Employment screening Programs? In today’s job market, it can often benefit an employer to get a fuller picture of the employee they have in consideration for a position. The reality about job applications is that they...

Is It a Good Idea to Allow Pets

Pets are common in many homes, but the decision as to whether or not to allow them in your apartment complex can be a complicated one as while pets are popular, they can damage blinds, carpets, cabinets, and much more. Here are some points to consider when creating...

What To Do If Your Tenant Breaks a Lease

As landlord it is your job to make sure the property you manage is well maintained, safe, and that the tenants have a peaceful place to call home. Part of this stewardship is making sure everyone pays the rent on time because without income the upkeep and management...

What Information Should Be in a Binding Lease

A binding lease for a landlord is the number one defense for controlling the property when a tenant is allowed to use it as a temporary home or business. However, if the lease is not put together well, ambiguities or unmentioned details can often end up being the...

What is Termination for Cause?

When an employee is terminated for cause, it only means one thing: he has done something that may or may not be necessarily illegal or is most probably unethical. Such acts that fall into this category are embezzlement, fraud, lying about qualifications or references...

Renting to Multiple Roommates

Landlords sleep easier at night when they know their rental property is leased by good tenants who will pay the rent and take good care of the premises.  Conversely, bad tenants give landlords nightmares.  One of the difficulties is that prospective renters behave...

Why Do a Criminal Background Check on the Babysitter?

Most parents think that their children are a precious treasure worth protecting. That is why it is important to do a criminal background check on current or potential babysitters (if you don’t hire a referral company to do it for you.) There may be reasons why a...

How to Perform an Effective Background Check

Landlords and employers are two groups of people that have one thing in common. They both perform background checks on a regular basis. A background check reveals a lot about a person, and this is a necessity for finding...

Quick Background Checks Launches new Website

Quick Background Checks is proud to showcase their new FreshySites - Website Design website. FreshySites - Website Design company is a web design and web development agency, WordPress website design company and WooCommerce web developer. FreshySites is focused on...

FICO Score Chart

Credit Score Chart

Score Grading
720 and Above Excellent
680 to 719 Good
620 to 679 Average
580 to 619 Poor
500 to 579 Bad
Less than 500 Miserable


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Gary G

I Just found this site recently. I like the credit report service on It stores all the reports you run so you can go back and look them up anytime. That’s really nice. You don’t even have to print them out. Great site for property managers.

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Michelle M

We are Eagle Mountain Property management.We manage about 3500 properties in the Colorado Springs area.We have been using for the past couple of years.Our leasing agents really like this website it is very fast and easy to use.Myself and my leasing agents would highly recommend this service to improve the quality of your tenants.

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John M

I love this site talk about easy to’s great. Main Street Realty has been using for about 2 years. Their credit reports and easy to read and include the fico scores.This is what we really like. If the score is 640 or above they are approved no fuss or muss.I am not very computer savvy and I have no trouble using this site ,it’s great.

Dallas, TX

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John A

We are a real estate company in the Dallas area for the past 40 years we have been using for about the past 10 years. We started out going thru just the office itself and now they have the website we just use that.We can access it anytime 24/7. The information comes back in about 10 seconds. Once you do it a time a 2 it is a snap.We would never go back to calling or faxing the information anywhere again.We would highly recommend this service.

New York, NY

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Madeline M

We have been using for about the last 6 months to do backgroundchecks on our new hire employees.We have been doing credit and criminal checks so far we have been real impressed. It is very fast and easy to use .We would highly recommend it.

Dallas, Texas

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Robert M

Very professional and easy to use site. I have been using for about 5 years .The prices are reasonable compared to other companies out there.If you have a problem they answer the phones and work you thru the problem. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who does property management.



Sheron G

I have been seen using for about 20 years but the online service for the late five years. We love it.It is fast easy to use and can use it anytime.I would recommend it to anyone.

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David McMrath

I moved from Columbus,Ohio to Las Vegas,Nevada to take a new position with a large property management company in Las Vegas.After about 30 says of trying to qualify my potential applicants with the screening company they had been using I realized this was never going to work my reports were taking forever to come back.I started asking around for another company.I was given the name of from a co-worker .I went online and looked them up they have been a life saver.I just take my laptop with my approve or decline them on the spot.It’s great I love them.

Luxe International Realty


E Copley

I am the owner of the large management company we manage approximately 2000 units most of the time.We used another company for many years.We had to wait for our report at time 2-3 weeks. This just was not working very well.We decided to look around and did some research on the internet we came across had no signup fee so we decided to give them a try.We have been using them for about 6 years now.We are happy with their service.It was worth checking around.

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