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Quickbackgroundchecks.com is a division of Tenant Screening Services, LLC. We have been serving landlords and employers nationwide for 39 years, and have become a leading provider of information in our field. QBC accesses comprehensive databases nationwide making it easier for our clients to make informed decisions and manage risk more efficiently. We are here to provide the best in Social Security Number verification, driving records checks, and more. Quality is an integral part of our data. Our access to proprietary sites has been designed to ensure that the data collected is current and complete. Comprehensive data is collected in over 8,000 municipal, county, state, and federal courthouses nationwide. QBC customers operate more efficiently because we offer state of the art innovative solutions and services.

FICO Score Chart

Credit Score Chart

Score Grading
720 and Above Excellent
680 to 719 Good
620 to 679 Average
580 to 619 Poor
500 to 579 Bad
Less than 500 Miserable


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Gary G

I Just found this site recently. I like the credit report service on instantbackgroundchecks.us. It stores all the reports you run so you can go back and look them up anytime. That’s really nice. You don’t even have to print them out. Great site for property managers.

Austin, Texas

Property Manager

Michelle M

We are Eagle Mountain Property management.We manage about 3500 properties in the Colorado Springs area.We have been using www.instantbackgroundchecks.us for the past couple of years.Our leasing agents really like this website it is very fast and easy to use.Myself and my leasing agents would highly recommend this service to improve the quality of your tenants.

Chicago, IL

Colorado Springs Co.

John M

I love this site talk about easy to use..it’s great. Main Street Realty has been using www.instantbackgroundchecks.us for about 2 years. Their credit reports and easy to read and include the fico scores.This is what we really like. If the score is 640 or above they are approved no fuss or muss.I am not very computer savvy and I have no trouble using this site ,it’s great.

Dallas, TX

Main Street Reality

John A

We are a real estate company in the Dallas area for the past 40 years we have been using www.instantbackgroundchecks.us for about the past 10 years. We started out going thru just the office itself and now they have the website we just use that.We can access it anytime 24/7. The information comes back in about 10 seconds. Once you do it a time a 2 it is a snap.We would never go back to calling or faxing the information anywhere again.We would highly recommend this service.

New York, NY

Ebby Halliday Real State

Madeline M

We have been using www.instantbackgroundchecks.us for about the last 6 months to do backgroundchecks on our new hire employees.We have been doing credit and criminal checks so far we have been real impressed. It is very fast and easy to use .We would highly recommend it.

Dallas, Texas

Madeline Chocolates Novelties

Robert M

Very professional and easy to use site. I have been using instantbackgroundcheeks.us for about 5 years .The prices are reasonable compared to other companies out there.If you have a problem they answer the phones and work you thru the problem. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who does property management.


Sheron G

I have been seen using instantbackgroundchecks.us for about 20 years but the online service for the late five years. We love it.It is fast easy to use and can use it anytime.I would recommend it to anyone.

Property Manager

David McMrath

I moved from Columbus,Ohio to Las Vegas,Nevada to take a new position with a large property management company in Las Vegas.After about 30 says of trying to qualify my potential applicants with the screening company they had been using I realized this was never going to work my reports were taking forever to come back.I started asking around for another company.I was given the name of www.instantbackgroundchecks.us from a co-worker .I went online and looked them up they have been a life saver.I just take my laptop with my approve or decline them on the spot.It’s great I love them.

Luxe International Realty

E Copley

I am the owner of the large management company we manage approximately 2000 units most of the time.We used another company for many years.We had to wait for our report at time 2-3 weeks. This just was not working very well.We decided to look around and did some research on the internet we came across instantbackgroundchecks.us.They had no signup fee so we decided to give them a try.We have been using them for about 6 years now.We are happy with their service.It was worth checking around.

Las Vegas Nevada

Auxtex Property Management

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