Most of the proprietors conduct background screening to mitigate the risk of renting their property to tenants with murky track record. is an exceptional online platform that offers thorough, convenient and fast background screening services at highly affordable prices. Not just employers but also property owners seek its services to run background checks on potential tenants. Long standing experience and comprehensive knowledge of background screening makes it the ideal resource for anyone desiring to verify the authenticity of a tenant or job applicant. Additionally, the company incorporates necessary services like credit checks, criminal record search, renter eviction search and driving record check. Offering Quality Yet Cost Effective Employee and Renter Background Checks Online

While talking about the pre-employment screening services on offer, one of the senior executives working with, in a recent interview, stated, “Employers looking for easy and quick pre-employment screening will find everything they need with us. Our instant services include employee criminal background checks, potential employee credit reports, social security number verification and a driving record. Pre-employment screening may also include education verification and previous employer verifications. Our employee background checks are reliable, as we update our records regularly. Moreover we charge reasonably to make our services affordable for any employer or business.”

Landlords often struggle to choose the reliable background check services before initiating the renting process. has gained the reputation of being a leader in offering background check services for landlords. The background screening company also helps property owners build a healthy, stress free and long lasting relationship with tenants. For, promptly delivers 100% reliable information to landlords about prospective tenants. Since, the online platform lists several flexible packages in its inventory, clients can choose the right one based on their requirements and budget.

“It is essential to check the background of employees before finally hiring them because they may handle confidential data and information of the company. Our background check services offer accurate information to enable employers make a well-informed decision. We go through all the information open to authorized vendors. We follow some of the best background check practices to eliminate the chances of including incorrect information,” further added the senior executive.’s refined criminal background check procedures ensure 100% appropriate information supported by reliable validation checks. They find out details of financial stability of the potential tenants and offer extensive report of the crimes committed or involved with in the past. The online screening service provider even gives access to reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Therefore, can be the best resource for online credit and criminal background check for landlords, together with online employee background check services.


An online division of Tenant Screening Services, LLC, has been serving landlords and employers for over 26 years. The company assesses comprehensive databases nationwide to help its clients make informed decisions and manage risk efficiently. The online screening services provider gathers all its data from credible resources to provide quality service consistently and conveniently. Of late, has emerged as the most reliable resource for renter background check services. In addition, the company provides the best tenant screening services for landlords at reasonable prices.

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