marijuana drug test_positiveIf you are an employer who is using employment screening, then you may wonder about how to implement your screening. In the last few years there have been many changes in the laws regarding drug use in a number of states. Primarily, the laws have changed regarding the use of marijuana.

In many states now, it is legal to consume marijuana for recreational use. In many more states marijuana use is allowed for medical reasons. By allowing the use of marijuana states have changed the manner in which employment screening can be used. If you read this article then you will be able to improve your ability to handle these issues.

This year, drug testing is expected to come down as marijuana becomes legal in more states. You will find that the best way to avoid any issues related to the recent and/or upcoming law modifications is to rely primarily on background checks for your info. Whether or not a person uses a drug which has recently been legalized in many states is less relevant to their propensity to do something which might harm your company. You will find that the most important factor in determining someone’s propensity for harmful behavior is whether or not the individual has engaged in harmful behavior in the past.

Recidivism is defined by the National Institute of Justice as something which “refers to a person’s relapse into criminal behavior.” If someone has committed criminal behavior in the past, then they are more likely to commit such actions in the future, when compared to someone who has never committed such actions. However, you should also take into account the amount of time which has elapsed since the last criminal actions were done.

If someone has had a clean record for many years, then they are more trustworthy than someone who has committed criminal actions within a recent time frame. Each person is different and will behave differently depending on their personality and experiences. You would be best served by taking into account all the factors of a person’s past when looking at whether or not hiring them is a good idea.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, recidivism is seen in this statistic, “In a 15 state study, over two-thirds of released prisoners were rearrested within three years.” Something to think about though, is that around one-third of prisoners did not revert to their criminal activity. You have to be fair when you look at anyone and think of why they might have done the things they did.

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