Back in the day, getting a job meant going down to the local business and speaking with the owner who probably knew about your family. Individuals were hired based on personal knowledge or taken at face value but unfortunately that is not the case anymore. Today’s hiring process involves interviews, reference checks, background screenings and drug tests to ensure that the individual is the right fit for the position in all aspects.

The Human Resource department is usually responsible for monitoring the process and working through the submitted applications so that only those who appear to be qualified are invited for an interview. If the applicant successfully passes this step and the discussions have gone well then they are asked to sign a release allowing the company to run a pre employment check.

This report contains personal information about the individual which is why they must sign a release before any credible agency will process and deliver the requested report. Pre employment checks will provide name, SSN, some credit information, criminal history and anything else that is included as part of the vendor’s format. The results are sent via online delivery to the designated HR representative and then reviewed for red flags or notes that might indicate potential issues.

Remember that every industry operates slightly different so what is displayed on the report will not be balanced by every employer in the same way. The vendor is responsible for providing accurate and timely information based on the original request and the rest is up to the business. So, it is extremely important to perform the pre-employment checks. All of this information is considered during the hiring process and as part of the final decision on the company’s part as to whether they will accept the applicant or not. Companies are dedicated to creating the best team of employees and workers to ensure the success of their objectives and this tool is just one of the many items that is used to make the recommendation.