The internet has forever changed many aspects of our lives. People no longer rely upon the classified ads when they seek employment. Now people simply turn to sites like Craig’s List when they need a job, because the search is so much more efficient. You can also rely upon social media sites such as LinkedIn to find potential employees, because the web has a much wider range of reach than does an HR department.

Social Media and Recruiting

The Internet has turned talent into a valuable commodity as companies the world over compete for the same talent. Traditional methods of recruiting employees are being phased out with new college graduates being technically savvy.

Networking on LinkedIn is by far the most popular way to utilize social media as a recruitment tool. This is because LinkedIn is specifically targeted at aspiring professionals. This networking tool is the only social media site dedicated solely to helping professionals network with each other.

However, there are other options and virtually each one can be used to your advantage. Facebook is extremely popular and has nearly one billion accounts registered to it. While most of these people are there for casual interactions, it is possible to make better use of it by recruiting new talent for your company.


Utilizing Facebook

You’re missing out on millions of potential employees if you aren’t utilizing Facebook to recruit. In fact, its social jobs application tool from the Social Jobs Partnership is dedicated to helping employees and employers find each other. You can build a Facebook page dedicated solely to filling your employment needs. You can even pay to advertise your job openings on the site, setting a daily limit to how much you spend. Best of all, the site will only advertise your page to candidates seeking employment.

Create a special Facebook page by clicking the create-a-new-page icon. Use Facebook as well to make the page identical to your web page by adding the iFrames application to your regular page, which will allow you to add HTML to your rerouting page and customize it any way you see fit.

Other Social Media Outlets

YouTube is another great asset to recruit new employees and do a background check in the process. Fortunately, YouTube is synchronized to Google Plus and Gmail – this may be the best way to find out about a potential hire.

A single email from a Gmail account allows you to see upon which YouTube videos someone has commented. People will write things about about videos more freely, things that they would never say in person. They let their guard down and this enables you to take a candid look into a potential worker’s attitude. That can tell you more about them than an application or interview ever can.

Your Online Presence

Other than finding the right people to employ, recognize the power social media holds when it comes to strenghtening your online presence. Do not limit its potential, rather, use it to promote your company or business.

Nowadays, a website or a blog can only do so much. Instead of waiting for people to come visit, bring yourself “out there” and present yourself to the world instead. Make social networks your venues to reach and interact with more people, customers and even potential employees. Do it, whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the likes. Let people know about you, what your company does, how they can benefit either from your service or as a part of the business.

Word of mouth is wonderful, but letting your company be found by just a few clicks can benefit you so much more. Build a good online presence and they will come to you.


Social Media is an excellent rerouting tool, which makes it easier to find talent. These valuable assets are replacing traditional rerouting techniques. They are faster and reach a broader audience. So remember to utilize social media to your advantage or your competitors may just steal that top talent before you even get the chance to set an interview.